ASME PCC 2 Pressure Equipment Repair Appreciation – Immingham (19th November 2019)

Date: 19th November 2019 - 21st November 2019

Location: Immingham

Course Description

The ASME PCC 2 Pressure Equipment Repair training course is a must for everyone who handles inspection and repair of pressure equipment. The ASME PCC-2 standard provides methods for repair of equipment and piping after it has been placed in service. These repair methods include the relevant design, fabrication, examination, and testing practices and may be temporary or permanent. The course first deals with the appropriate inspection and flaw assessment methods and then describes suitable choice and methodology of repair of components when repair is deemed necessary. Guidance for the applicability of repair methods based on the type of damage and how to plan and carry out various types of repairs including welding repairs, mechanical repairs, non-welding repairs, testing and inspection of repairs is provided. This training course is designed to give logical step-by-step procedures for selecting and implementing the correct remedial action. The participants would be explained in detail the mechanics of adopting and applying the rules of ASME PCC-2, for day-to-day use in their professional work by explaining several real-life case studies and problem-solving. Not only will the various repair methods be covered but an overview of the most common welding processes such as GTAW, SMAW and GMAW, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The ASME PCC 2 Pressure Equipment Repair Appreciation training course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to decide on various types of repairs and includes:
  • Overview of welding processes
  • How to choose between ‘3 R’ options, i.e. “Run, Repair and Replace”.
  • Address the repair of components when repair is deemed necessary
  • Deciding on temporary or permanent repairs
  • Choosing the appropriate repair plan
  • Examination and testing of repaired equipment
  • Repair Documentation