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In a market where inspection work can be completed on a short-term basis, perhaps for Turnaround activities or for specific inspection campaigns, our inspector database will allow companies and recruiters to search for qualified and experienced inspectors filtering by qualifications, experience and educational requirements. Our Technical Director can conduct a technical based interview and provide recruiters with performance feedback, removing the need for recruiters and technical staff to spend valuable hours interviewing several inspectors. No more sifting through hundreds of CVs!


INSPECTORS – Create your profile by selecting your qualifications and creating a brief overview of your experience and years in the industry. You will then be added to a unique database of qualified in-service inspection personnel.

RECRUITERS – Save time and money! Simply log into the portal and search for the type of inspector you need. Filter by qualification and/or experience and we will provide you with a list of suitably qualified personnel. You can download their CV directly!

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